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Business Intelligence & Data Management

Business Intelligence (BI) and Big Data solutions allow organizations to harness the power of data and visualize it in meaningful manner to allow executives, directors, managers, and operations to develop actionable strategies to improve and streamline their operations. IT-Strat will leverage over 15 years of experience with high-performance BI and Big Data solutions to customize solutions to overcome your organization’s specific challenges. Furthermore, we can develop a strategy to exploit your organizational data by utilizing Predictive Analytics to forecast performance. Our BI, Big Data, and Predictive Analytics product portfolio includes SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, SAS, Tableau, and Qlik.


There are many dimensions to managing foundational technical infrastructure. IT-Strat can provide a comprehensive strategy to successfully design, develop, deploy, and maintain small-to-complex environments. Our approach is based on industry best practices and leveraging our experience with commercial and federal clients. Our personnel possess vendor-specific certifications as well as industry certifications such as ITIL, CEH, CISSP, Network+, and Security.

Our Infrastructure services offering include Network and Security Architecture, IP Technology Convergence (Data, Voice, Video, and Wireless), ICAM, IPv4 / v6 migration and management, OS Administration, automation solutions, and data center management. We have assisted customers’ environments that utilize Cisco, Juniper, Windows, RedHat, Solaris, Riverbed, Computer Associates, IBM, and BMC.

Our Cyber Security solutions incorporate defense-in-depth principles, and NIST and DoD security standards and guidance. We support Risk Management Framework (RMF), DIACAP, Information Assurance, Vulnerability and Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, Network and Host based security services, and access policy development and implementation.

IT-Strat can fully support your Cloud Computing projects utilizing major Cloud provider platforms such as Amazon AWS and MS Azure along with MilCloud implementations. Our customers will benefit from our team’s years of experience in support projects for federal, DoD, and commercial customers.

Project Services

Project success is dependent on retaining seasoned professional, leveraging industry best practices and lessons learned, and committing to project goals. IT-Strat project professionals utilize our CMMI Maturity Level (ML) 3 and ISO 9001:2008 Project Services. Our project services are mature, standardized, repeatable, and fully customizable for each of our customer’s needs. We ensure continual improvement through our certified quality management program.

Our project services processes, methodologies, and artifacts incorporate industry best such as PMI PMBOK, ITIL, Six Sigma, Scrum Alliance / IC Agile /SAFe, and BABOK. Many of our consultants possess certifications such as PMI PMP, ITIL, IC Agile, Certified Scrum Masters and Coaches, CBAP, and other industry recognized discipline-appropriate certifications.

Our project services include Program and Project Management, Systems Engineering, Business Process Re-engineering, Systems Development Lifecycle, Agile Development, Technology Evaluation and Assessment, Quality Management, Procurement & Acquisition Support, and Technical Writing and Editing.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced Analytics support projects related to fraud detention, insider trading, link analysis, identification of non-obvious relationships, and identifying malicious entities. IT-Strat has highly qualified professionals who can develop an overall strategy based on our customer’s requirements.

Software Development

IT-Strat has expertise in implementing custom software solutions using a wide variety of technologies, frameworks and tools. We implement industry best practices for our design, development & deployment processes. Our coding practices focus on simplicity, code extensibility, maintainability, interface driven, decoupling of layers and adhere to standard practices like TDD, KISS, YAGNI, DDD, etc. We strongly believe in code refactor and reuse. We follow the appropriate design patterns that are suitable for on-premise development or cloud-based development. Our git-branch driven development process has features like code reviews, approval process for pull requests, automated test cases for each code change, static code analysis, etc. We take time to constantly refactor the code to keep it leaner, cleaner and simpler. We place a great focus on security at code level, as well as the infrastructure level. Our applications are protected against the OWASP Top 10 threats, while the infrastructure uses advanced tools to block malicious attacks.

Our DevOps team strives to automate the development and deployment workflow wherever possible and our robust CI/CD pipeline ensures that we have the agility and speed, while still maintaining the software quality. As part of automation, we package our applications with Docker/Kubernetes containers with security features baked in the container images.

Our tech stack includes languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, GoLang and we always try to use the best language suited for the specific use cases. We have good experience in migrating legacy applications into modern platforms that are API driven with SPA front-ends and scale them in cloud. We choose the best of breed front-end frameworks/libraries like Angular, React and jQuery. We also constantly tinker with new upcoming technologies and tools like Vue, Serverless, and many other technologies and platforms.

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